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Piercing Artist


Cali Born, Chicago raised, Pablo Starting in 2009 as an apprentice. He's learned various techniques and medical tips that have led to 10 years of success as a piercer. In 2012, he became lead piercer here at Inkhart Tattoos & Body Piercing where he continues to earn 5 star ratings. his Clients have learned to anticipate a quick and relatively painless experience. his goal is to make customers feel welcome and well educated about the service provided. 

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bringing A minor?

We do pierce customers under 18, however, ALL of the following must be presented 

before service:

- ID for the customer (passport or a school ID are acceptable).

- Proof of guardianship  (i.e birth certificate or guardianship paperwork).

- Parent or guardian listed on the aforementioned paperwork.

- ID of the present parent or guardian.


There are NO exceptions to this policy.  We will copy all collected documents, to confirm  to the State of Illinois Department of Health that we have done our part (as per Public Health ordinance Public Act 094-0684)



minor piercings exclude surface, tongue, dermal and intimate piercings.

industrial pieircings: 14 & up

navel piercings: 16 & up

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